Massachusetts Wedding Photography I A picture of a couple during an engagement session
Boston Wedding Photographers I The bride and groom share some cake during their wedding reception at Woodend Sanctuary in Washington, DC.
The wedding party celebrates along the water before the boston exchange center wedding reception.


Four Eyes

That’s us up there, Katye & Joe. Married photojournalists. We have history, we have cameras, we have a height difference. We think two heads are better than one. Four eyes are better than two. The best way we can describe our work is artistic journalism. Authentic meets creative. We’ve been photographing weddings for 13 years, and have worked with over 300 couples. Yes…that’s a whole lot of wedding cake.

There is nothing more thrilling than observing our surroundings, sharing our couples’ anticipation and creatively telling stories. We don’t pose our images. Your time with us is going to be awesome all on its own, without us directing you. (Don’t worry, we are here to guide you and your family through portraits.) But really the nicest thing our couples can say to us is, “We didn’t even know you were there.”

We hope you’re here because you want photographers who thrive in the moment. You value originality and adventure. So now what? This is but one stop on a completely crazy planning and decision-making journey. It’s the fun part! Take a spin around, there’s much to see.

Renee & Tyler

"What I love so much about their photos was their photojournalistic approach to the moments of whimsy, emotion, and beauty that comes from genuine, unposed moments.

"Their style and ease at which they both work harmoniously together makes them the people I would select over and over again. They are highly experienced and professional which made the whole process leading up to the wedding day and everything on the wedding day a breeze."

Happy Couples

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