April Fools

We spend our days telling the love stories of our clients. But today, we’re sharing our own. There’s a time of year – right around Halloween – where we do a happy dance and breathe a heavy sigh. Our busy season is almost over. Deck chairs go in, weekends are free to hike, rake, nap, be. Darkness, then holidays, then snow. The happy dance turns a bit antsy around Valentine’s Day. The snow is slush. The cabin fever is real. And by the end of March, it’s an aggressive, pent-up almost angry dance. All the while, the camera is present.

This is our love story. We are unique in that we spend more time during the Winter getting away from each other than most couples spend trying to carve out enough relationship time. Don’t let this post fool you, Winters for us mean serious computer time. Re-edting the website, talking with newly-engaged couples, and critiquing the past year’s work. There is freelance work, and the rogue January bride – and boy do we love these couples – they make the Winter seem shorter.

Finally comes a 60-degree day. All of the sudden our first wedding of the season is just a few weeks away. Stuff melts and we heavy sigh again. I promise we will get back to business tomorrow, but for now, Happy April Fools Day, and enjoy this un-wedding!

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Don’t mess with a boy and his serrated knife.
Transformers glasses – a hanger-on from the summer.
Heading to L.A. for Thanksgiving.
Santa Monica. As warm as it looks.
Getty Villa with our Cali crew.
BBQ brothers and their smoked masterpiece.
Pit crew gets a lesson in portrait posing from Uncle Will.
One thing we did this off-season was watch ALL the Great British Baking Show seasons. Christmas black forest trifle was necessary.
Baby sasquatch was spotted Wachusett Mountain.
Let’s just not discuss the disappointment that was this season’s snowfall.
Some people enjoy Pahrcheesi, some people don’t.
Grandma’s house in Rutland. Minus 22 windchill.
“And this is called slide film.” Staring a new history project. Check out more
So thankful for school February break. A chance to pack up and get out of the house for a week. We started our New England tour at The Nubble …
Covered bridges in Vermont …
But nothing beats the pool at the Hilton Garden Inn.
Love seeing what happens when we hand the camera to the youngins’.
Ice Castles in NH. Mobbed, but worth it.
No place does birthday hibachi like Maine.
Boy + friends + enormous frozen lake = happy
TGIF. Thank goodness for freelance.
Thank goodness for the cleanup crew.
When it’s March. And freezing. But you must get your grill on.
I attempted a 30K. I completed a 25K. These fans were hardcore.
There’s no better medicine on a sick day than when your little brother finally gets home from school.
YASSS! Spring is HERE.
Short sleeves at last.
If not photography, then gardening. That heavy sigh from the Fall is repeated in Spring, as the first little babies pop up in the greenhouse.
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