Just be.

Frosting a cake (or smashing it). Drawing on the driveway with chalk. Board-gaming, nature-hiking, hoop-shooting. Just BEING. Our approach is to capture an activity-based slice of life – watching for that split second when you look away from the camera – the authentic, storytelling moments that make you a family. Don’t worry, we’ll will help with gentle direction, all the while looking for the quiet (or maybe loud) in-betweens when you forgot you hired a photographer. I am a third-generation photographer mom-of-boys based in Holden, Massachusetts. The Happy Couple consists of me and my husband, Joe. We began this journey at Syracuse University in 2003 while pursuing MS degrees in Photojournalism. It was photo love, people! While working at news industry jobs, we started The Happy Couple in 2007 in Washington D.C. Twelve years and two kids later, family photojournalism is an almost daily phenomenon!

Our Sessions

Fly-on-the-wall  •  $735 

 On-location 90-minute session. ~75-100 images

Day-in-the-life  •  $995

Three-hour activity-based shoot designed for extended slice-of-life coverage.

The Wee Sesh  •  $355 

 On-location 30-minute session. ~25-40 images
(These abbreviated sessions are offered seasonally on select weekends, and will be announced in advance on social media.)


(Travel fees may apply.)


All sessions include …

A password-protected gallery of high-resolution, print-released images

A minimum of 50 edited images, (depending on length of session)

All images provided in both color and black & white within three weeks


Q & A

What is family photojournalism?

Family photojournalism is the visual narration of your family dynamic. Your jam. Photojournalism is not just a "style" of photography I am aiming to create – it is in my roots. Pictures are authentic. My approach is to stand back, watch and anticipate. I began my career as a photojournalist in 2001, and I draw on that long experience telling stories to deliver family clients a product that can be best described as artistic journalism.

Will you give us direction during our session?

You bet. Being in front of a camera can be nerve wracking! There will of course be an element of being "on" with any photo shoot. But I will help loosen it up with gentle direction. I tell folks that when I give a cue, I'm actually watching for the split seconds before and after that cue. There is a fleeting ease and relaxation in the moments between "poses".

Will you travel anywhere? Do you charge travel fees?

Yes! It’s a privilege to get outside the usual coverage area. I LOVE a good solitary road trip, but do charge a travel fee for some locations. Please contact me for a quote.

Do you offer mini-sessions?

We sure do! A mini session is great way to sneak a wonderful family photo into a busy weekend day. Each session last around 30-35 minutes and is $295. Our mini sessions are typically scheduled across one or two weekends each Fall. Dates will be announced on social media at least three weeks out.

Can you replicate some favorite images I found on Pinterest?

We love inspiration boards to get a sense of your vision. It helps us get a sense of what makes you tick. That said, our best work has always come from being present and inspired by the moment, the light, the weather, the season. Our clients’ most cherished images are those they didn’t imagine ahead of time. As much as we say how important planning is, it is the unpredictable elements of this totally unique day that bring out the best in us as artists.

What does it mean when you say "edited images"?

Our editing approach is a huge part of the creative process. We are very light-handed in post-production. We will adjust color if needed, straighten a few horizons, and let the story speak for itself. 100 years from now, your family will want to know what their great-great-greats looked like without filters or airbrushing. That said, we understand adjustment requests are personal and important, so please don’t hesitate if you have a special request. We outsource all image adjustments to highly-trained Photoshop ninjas.

Just Holler!

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