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With 12 years of experience working with over 300 couples, Katye & Joe are a husband and wife team that will tell the story of your wedding day.

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That’s us up there – Katye & Joe Brier. Married photojournalists and Cape Cod wedding photographers. We have history, we have cameras, we have a height difference. We think two heads are better than one. Four eyes are better than two. The best way we can describe our work is artistic journalism. Authentic meets creative. We both began our careers as news photographers, so our approach is to get out of the way, and capture what unfolds.

Observing people, anticipating moments and storytelling is in our muscle memory. Combined, we have more than three decades of experience as photojournalists, shooting and editing for publications small and large. We’ve been photographing weddings 12 years, and have worked with over 300 couples. Yes…that’s a whole lot of wedding cake.

This is but one stop on a completely crazy planning and decision-making journey. It’s the fun part! Please check out the gallery below, which features images from our Cape Cod weddings only; from Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster to Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Harwich, we’ve been fortunate to work with many fabulous couples as Cape Cod wedding photographers. If you’d like to review even more information, head on over to our main website to get more of a flavor for our work. And please don’t hesitate to drop us an inquiry!


Our couples typically spend between $4,000 - $6,000 on their wedding photography. Weekday, elopements, and more intimate events are discounted. Most packages include the following:

The Goods

• 8 hours coverage, 2 photographers
• 600-800 edited images
• A duplicate set in black & white
• Password-protected online gallery
• Unlimited high-res downloading

The Timeline

You will receive your images about six weeks after your wedding. We will also send out a little peek with anywhere from 30-50 images within 2 weeks.

The Extras

Custom add-ons include albums, additional coverage and our Photo Booth – to name a few. We also offer engagement sessions, with special pricing for wedding clients.

Happy Couples
We've worked with so many fabulous couples since we started our business back in 2007. Here are a few of the kind words we've received.
Renee & Tyler

"What I love so much about their photos was their photojournalistic approach to the moments of whimsy, emotion, and beauty that comes from genuine, unposed moments. Every time I look through the photographs they took from my wedding day I feel like I am reliving the day over again."

Micaela & Sandi

"The Happy Couple Photography were phenomenal - they were responsive, reached out to us at specific increments throughout the planning process to ask questions and get all of our details straight, and made sure to get every shot we wanted."

Tricia & Max

"If there were 6 stars I would give them. Joe and Katye did a wonderful job of catching both the big moments and the little moments of our wedding. Their ability to capture everything about \"the moment\" is incredible, and why we chose them. What I told Joe directly - \"You have brought the entire day and incredible experience back for us, which is all I could hope for my wedding pictures. What you two do - capturing the spirit and emotion of the day - is so special and important, and I will have these photos to cherish forever. That is truly priceless."

Jessica & George

"We chose the Happy Couple as photographers for our wedding because we wanted more candid shots that captured the emotions of the day, rather than staged photos. They did not disappoint! From the very beginning, they were very easy to work with and thought of every detail. We absolutely love the wedding photos -- they capture our day perfectly!"

Ali & Mel

"They do not simply take pictures, they capture elements, personalities and intimacy. Through the process of getting to know you as a couple, Joe and Katye learn who you are, how you interact and the idiosyncrasies that create the foundation of your relationship, and display your essence through their photojournalistic approach. When looking through your album, you will notice the tiny moments, gestures, smiles, embraces, laughs, funny faces that are caught and woven together, as you relive every emotion of the day."

Ashley & Chris

"We had such a fantastic experience working with Joe and Katye! They captured the most amazing moments and are true magicians when working with natural light. We have so many gorgeous photos from our sunset shoot. They also did such a great job keeping the photos moving so that family members didn't dominate and our wedding party didn't get cranky! They also responded to questions promptly and turned the photos around very quickly."

Kara & Derek

"Joe and Katye were such a pleasure to work with and took away all the stress of getting those perfect shots you dream about on your wedding day. I had some ideas of pictures I wanted to be sure to capture and they were happy to take my shot list. They also got amazing, unique photos that I never even thought about! It rained on our wedding day which made me nervous about photos but Joe and Katye still got some truly beautiful shots of us and assured me that they had a total handle on the situation, rain or shine!"

Kelsey & Phil

"To say Joe and Katye are amazingly awesome would be doing them a disservice, because they are so much more than that. My favorite part of hiring these two is that they made us laugh. They were our friends by the end of the night. The photo turnaround time was helped by the fact that they sent over a sneak peek about a week after the wedding. Such a great way to show off some photos to family and friends immediately. The final album was a full set of all color and a full set of black and white. We were overjoyed with the photos and will treasure them forever."

Gio & Josh

"We couldn't be happier with our photos and album. They captured the emotion and story of the day so perfectly-- from the big happenings on the dance floor to the quieter moments like a quick smile or loving glance. I didn't think it was possible to infuse so much emotion and personality into a photo, but Joe & Katye do just that. Their professionalism is second to none and they make the process easy, stress free and FUN!"

Q & A

What is wedding photojournalism?

Wedding photojournalism is the visual narration of this one surreal day. Pictures are unposed and authentic. Moments are undirected. Our approach is to stand back, watch and anticipate. Photojournalism is not just a style of photography we are aiming to create – it is our roots. We both began our careers as photojournalists, and continue shooting for news organizations today. We draw on this long experience telling stories to deliver our clients a product that can be best described as artistic journalism.

Will you shoot posed photos with family members?

Yes. And we will help things go as swiftly and smoothly as possible. The less time we spend posing you, the more time we have to capture moments. Definitely consider including our Photo Booth, too.

Will you give us direction during our portrait session?

Absolutely. We find that this is the portion of the day couples are most apprehensive about – posing for a photo can be nerve wracking, but we are here to help! This might be the first time all day when you two have had a quiet moment to take a breath and be a couple, so we like to use that sense of “Ahhh…” to get the most out of your portraits. When we ask you “pose”, we are actually watching for the split seconds before and after that pose. Talk to us about padding in enough time for portraits to avoid a time crunch.

What cameras do you use? Do you shoot in color or black and white?

We use Canon 5D Mark III camera bodies, and a variety of zoom and prime lenses. We update equipment annually. All images are captured in color, and we shoot in RAW format. During the editing process, we duplicate all images and convert them to black and white so you’ll receive all edited photos in both color and black and white.

Can you replicate some favorite images I have found on Pinterest?

We love inspiration boards to get a sense of your vision. It helps us get a sense of what makes you tick. That said, our best work has always come from being present and inspired by the moment, the light, the weather, the season. Our clients’ most cherished images are those they didn’t imagine ahead of time. As much as we say how important planning is, it is the unpredictable elements of this totally unique day that bring out the best in us as artists.

Will you submit my wedding to a magazine or blog?

We often submit “real weddings” to industry publications as a way to showcase fresh ideas and promote our work – it’s how we stay connected to other professionals and attract new clients. If you have questions or concerns about being published, please make sure you talk to us about it early in the process. On the flip side, if you’d like to share your photos with a media outlet or vendor, please let us know!

Should I give you a shot list?

We will send you sample galleries of full weddings, so you can see examples of how we tell a story. These sample galleries will be a good indicator if there is a need to make a special request. Please DO submit a list of posed family portraits – but otherwise, you do not need to give us a shot list.

Do you have any problem with guests taking their own pictures?

We don't have a problem with guests taking photos throughout the day – these are your people and they love you! Guest photography is to be expected. But we would hate for that to interfere with us getting the very best shot. We're loving the recent surge of "unplugged" ceremonies lately. Unplugging throughout the day also contributes a great deal to everyone being present in the moment.

My other vendors want pictures too. Is this something you handle?

Yes. We love to share images on Facebook and Instagram, and we welcome fellow vendors to do the same. We will create a special vendor gallery intended for your vendors’ social media use. We ask that vendors/venues contact us directly for any marketing or branding use beyond traditional social media posting.

Will you travel anywhere in the world? Do you charge travel fees?

Yes! And – sometimes … It’s a treat to get out of dodge on Summer weekends! Get in touch, and we can let you know if a travel fee is necessary.

What does it mean when you say "edited images"?

Our editing approach is a huge part of the creative process. We are very light-handed in post-production. We will adjust color if needed, straighten a few horizons, and let the story speak for itself. Our philosophy is, you’re writing history today. 100 years from now, your family will want to know what their great-great-greats looked like without filters or airbrushing. That said, as wedding photojournalists, we understand adjustment requests are personal and important, so please don’t hesitate if you have a special request. We outsource all image adjustments to highly-trained Photoshop ninjas.
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