Massachusetts Farm Wedding

Wedding Four

Massachusetts Farm Wedding  I  The bride and groom walk along the grounds of Mesa Farm in Rutland, MA.

This is what happens when clever people who like to laugh get married. They spend the entire time allotted for portraits CRACKING UP, and you keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t stop. Effortless authenticity combined with scary sharp wit, that is Sam & Nicole in a nutshell. If you get the opportunity to play virtual trivia with them, enjoy the show, but don’t expect to win. Anyhow! This wasn’t the 4th wedding we’ve shot this year. This wedding was the 4th FAMILY wedding we have attended in 2022. Held at Sam’s childhood home, Mesa Farm, with its beauty and serenity, means so much to us all. There are few places better to celebrate two awesome people, even though their wedding day arrived on the heels of the chilliest day of September. Thankfully the wind slowed at this Massachusetts farm wedding, and the sun warmed us all as we danced…and danced…and danced. Congrats, cousins!

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