Picture Story

We have history, we have cameras, we have a height difference. And we think two heads are better than one, four eyes better than two.

We are Joe and Katye Brier, and picture-making is a daily passion and pursuit in our family. It’s the souvenir we take home after traveling, and they way in which we wrap our heads around the passage of time. Our approach to wedding photography is to extend as much care to the small moments as we do to the marquis moments of the day.

The best way we can describe our work is artistic journalism. Authentic and narrative meet creative and cinematic. We thrive in the moment, and value the originality and adventure of an unscripted wedding shoot. There is nothing more thrilling than sharing your anticipation, and telling a story with pictures. Outside of family portraiture, we won’t pose your images. Your wedding is going to perfectly unfold all on its own, without us directing the natural flow of your day. The nicest thing our couples can say to us is, “We didn’t even know you were there.”

We met at Syracuse University while pursuing graduate degrees in Photojournalism. A shared love of snow, BBQ, road trips and The Weather Channel sealed it. It was photo love, people! A few years later, we attended one of our first weddings together – our own!

We both began our careers as news photographers, so our approach is to get out of the way, and capture what unfolds. Combined, we have more than three decades of experience as photojournalists, shooting and editing for publications small and large. We spend the majority of our days editing, chasing down our two small humans, or fixing something in our new (very old) house in Central Massachusetts.

Katye began her career at the Paradise Post, in the foothills of California’s Sierra Nevada. She quickly traded possibly the smallest newspaper in the country, for the largest; Seven years as photo and multimedia editor at USA TODAY led to an opportunity to bring photojournalism to the non-profit sphere. Katye helped in establishing a narrative photography presence at The Pew Charitable Trusts as the organization’s first photo editor and staff photographer. Katye continues to shoot editorial work for newspaper, magazine and non-profit clients.

Joe began his career at the Potomac News in Manassas, VA, and has since freelanced while leading our branding photography business, Maple + Main Creative. We like to say Joe makes sure our pixels are in a row. He is also our gear manager, software guru, and website whisperer. Joe is our drone pilot, licensed by the FAA to fly safely and responsibly.

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