"What lies behind you and what lies
in front of you, pales in comparison to
what lies inside of you."

—Ralph Waldo Emerson




Our approach to capturing senior portraits lies in active portraiture – subjects MOVE in an environment that promotes ease and authenticity. We treat your session like an editorial location shoot.

The Editorial Edge.

The picture is between the poses. We absolutely LOVE the moments of authenticity revealed in the split second of transition. That moment of laughter or exhale is when the self surfaces.


Who is this wizard? Should I dress up too?

This is Declan, class of 2021. Graduating in the midst of Covid, he wanted to show off the coolest mask he could think of to commemorate graduation.

As for you ... be physically comfortable – but mentally confident. Wear something that, when you look in the mirror, you say, "Dang! I. Look. Amazing." (Want to dress like a wizard? Do it!) Don't wear something you'll need to fuss with, or keep adjusting. A lot of clothing decisions will depend on your location, and we can have a quick chat about the best wardrobe choices ahead of your shoot.

Will you submit my images to the yearbook staff for me?

Maybe! Each school's yearbook workflow is different. Seniors usually receive email guidance from their school sometime around the summer preceding senior year. If the school prefers that your photographer submit your image, we are happy to handle.

When can I see my photos?

We always like to share a glimpse of the back of the camera during our shoot with you, but images will be delivered via password-protected online gallery within two weeks of our shoot date.

What happens if the weather is lousy on my shoot date?

Let's reschedule. (Unless you think a rainy session with the perfect clear umbrella sound like moody perfection – seriously, we don't mind wind and rain.) The one condition you definitely will want to avoid is extreme cold.

How far in advance should we reschedule? Well, we live in New England, where extended forecasting is pretty futile – but we try to make a decision 48 hours in advance if possible.

Will you Photoshop my images?

Yes, we edit each image for color correction, contrast and crop. That said, any material manipulation of an image – "Photoshopping" (removing blemishes, errant flyaway hair, etc.) is totally subjective and personal, and this is 100 percent at your request! Photoshopping can be time consuming, so we only edit your favorite 2-3 images without additional charge. Additional image manipulation is billed per hour.

Do you ever shoot in a studio?

Sometimes! We can "pop-up" a remote photo studio just about anywhere (pending permissions/restrictions of the location) without an extra charge. But we also rent designated indoor studio space in Worcester, if desired. Studio fees apply.

Where do you shoot?

To avoid charging travel fees, we like to stick to the Wachusett and Worcester areas – we can help choose a location based on your desired vibe – rural, urban? Industrial? Large open field? Waterfront? Canoeing ;)? Just let us know what suits you best, and we can go from there.

Can I bring multiple outfits?

Yes! As long as time permits, change as much as you want. We photographed one senior who changed four times in 30 minutes! And feel free to wear the appropriate under-clothing that will enable you to change in the field, so we don't lose precious shoot time.

Can I share images on my social media?

Yes, share away! Any image we deliver to you is edited, and ready to be published. All images are also print released and cleared for personal use. This also applies to family members who are proud to show you off ;) If you have a need to use your images commercially, please circle back to us for permissions.

Your Shoot

$365 • 30-minute session, one location.
$545 • 60-minute session, two to three locations.

All sessions include ...

• Password-protected gallery of high-res images
• Minimum of 30 edited images
• Galleries in both color and b/w within three weeks
• Submission to yearbook staff (per school guidance)


Greetings, Class of 2024! For more info about booking your session, you can email us at, shoot Katye a text at 315.256.6782, or use the form below.



Greetings, Class of 2024! For more info about booking your session, you can email us at, shoot Katye a text at 315.256.6782, or use the form below.


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